Geeknik's StupidFast Kernel
for the Samsung Fascinate

I hate to say it, but I'm leaving the Samsung Fascinate. So I won't be continuing the development of this kernel. And as of 27 December 2010, I won't have access to a Fascinate any more. Blame it on Samsung and their inability to get Froyo or Gingerbread or Honeycomb working on the Fascinate device. Apparently the Fascinate is their only device that can't or won't support Froyo+. =) Thank you all for your support, hopefully we'll all be running the same device again in the future.

I'm currently living on a Droid X and I love it, but if Motorola is releasing the Droid Bionic and the XOOM Tablet with an unlocked bootloader, I will be running those devices, and developing for them, around July 2011, if they are available by then. =)

I have not tested this, but I am getting reports that my kernels, from v1.54 forward work as expected with the new DL09 update for the Fascinate!


StupidFast TEST v12.20.10 (DJ05 + DL09)
This kernel is stock speed, 1ghz, but the voltages are pretty low.
1ghz @ 1200mV, 800mhz @ 1100mV, 400mhz @ 950mV and 100/200mhz @ 925mV
Nothing else really changed since v12.19.10.

StupidFast TEST v12.19.10 (DJ05 + DL09)
*** Random lockups reported in the 12.15 and 12.17 builds should be fixed. ***
*** Tweaked to speed up RFS writes, you MAY or MAY NOT notice a faster IO test in Quadrant as a result ***
*** Overclocked to 1.15ghz (1152mhz). Undervolted 1285mV @ 1.15ghz (1300mV is stock)
Compiled with ARM/NEON/Cortex-A8 optimized Toolchain (gcc 4.4.3 + uClibc 0.93)
Undervolts: 800mhz - 1125mV; 400mhz - 1000mV; 200mhz - 900mV; 100mhz - 900mV
Kernel compiled w/ NEON/ARM CFLAGS
performance tweaks, networking tweaks, memcpy and memsize tweaks; updated ashmem.
sched fixes, pmem fixes, lowmemkiller fixes, etc.

** Lowmemkiller is tweaked so you don't need Apps like AutoKiler Memory Optimizer **

*** Stable ***
StupidFast v1.54 (DJ05 + DL09)
Compiled with an unoptimized generic ARM toolchain (gcc 4.4.1)
1ghz @ 1225mV (undervolt from stock 1300mV)
Fast + Great Battery Life!
Memory & CPU Tweaks.
BFQ is default scheduler, Conservative is default governor.
Interactive and performance are available for use.
Compiler Flags for Cortex-A8, ARMv7-a, NEON, VFP, etc
Haptic feedback works with DJ05 but not DI01.

· v1.9+ If YouTube FCs, go to manage apps and clear defaults/data for the YouTube app.
· v1.5+ does work with DI01 however haptic feedback does not unless you're running DJ05.
· BLN is included, but disabled by default. You'll need the BLN app from the market to enable it.

(it is all there, but doesn't currently compile unless you back out commit 279b52662e69584cfc26)


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Thanks to saps and daboss for testing my kernels before I release them. =)

Older versions (May be unstable):

DJ05 + DL09
Test v1.98 (12/14/2010)
Test v1.96 (12/12/2010)
Test v1.76 (12/09/2010)
Test v1.69 (12/03/2010)


v1.23 (11/16/2010)

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Please note that this kernel was originally forked off of jt1134's 11/13 non voodoo kernel source code.